Martes, Mayo 5, 2015


Basing stuff on my previous blogs, I have a tendency to rant a lot. I absolutely hate a lot of things and I always choose to dish em all out on social media as an anonymous blogger. I work better behind the scenes and if you figure out my college program, you would be shocked at where I am. That's for a different blog post.

I have been doing a lot of stuff that I wouldn't normally do. Things I need to do fir work and all. I'm an introvert which gives  you a clue on things I'm uncomfortable doing. But scratch these stupid remarks. This post is about friends, or whatever you'd call em.

Over the past few years, I figured that I work better when I'm alone. Not in the presence of as*h*les. But college taught me that people can be awful, too. I have people I'm close with that I am just certain talk behind my back. Which, I understand. It's just that I don't deserve the sh** they throw at me. They're all shady about this but I'm just too caring that I always end up giving a damn. I hate them all.

For projects, I'm always the one thinking. And two of them are on their phones fu**ing screaming for these disgusting, trying hard artists. I am done. In a month, we go back to school and I am literally handling things alone. I don't want to deal with people who are this awful. Who don't even know what they want in life. I just want to throw them all in a pit and let their damaged souls talk to each other as I stay in my world of serenity.

f it. Y'all don't deserve knowing anything about me. You are nothing but a bunch of careless losers that need to be going through rehab for your bad souls. f off.

gtfoutta my life.